MapAuthority, the best MAP Pricing Software that will Actually Enforce your MAP Policy

MAP enforcement on Amazon is a problem that notifications and alerts don't fix. We built a tool that stops MAP violations before they occur.

Kyle Herman
Kyle Herman

Why We Created MapAuthority

After spending years as an Amazon consulting agency, we've seen the struggle first hand that brands have enforcing their MAP policy on Amazon. Even brands that sell through authorized reseller networks spend an exorbitant amount of time policing Amazon for MAP pricing violations. It was painful to watch the brand identity that our client's worked so hard to build be stripped away.

The existing MAP price monitoring solutions only sent email notifications of MAP violations. This didn't solve our clients' MAP enforcement problem. It created more work and uncomfortable follow up calls with their customers.

The Best MAP Pricing Software

So we decided to build something better. We needed to stop MAP policy violations before they occurred. MAP pricing is only effective if it's being honored.

Retailers were already agreeing to our clients' MAP policies on paper, but there was nothing enforcing the agreement where it mattered most, on Amazon. We quickly realized this was the void that needed filled. By making it impossible for a retailer to sell below a brand's MAP price on Amazon, the underlying issue of MAP enforcement would be solved.

How MapAuthority Enforces MAP Pricing

MapAuthority is different from any other MAP monitoring software because it proactively prevents MAP violations from happening. We don't send violation notifications because there aren't any to report.

This is possible through the secure connection we make between a brand's MAP agreement and their retailer's Amazon catalog. By including enrollment in MapAuthority to your sales contract, retailers are not only agreeing to honor your MAP policy in writing but online as well.

You aren't asking anymore of your retailers than you already do through your MAP policy. MapAuthority simply facilitates the existing agreement and provides reassurance that your MAP pricing will be honored.

Enforce Your MAP Policy

If you're a brand or retailer and have questions about MapAuthority or how it can enforce your MAP policy, try MapAuthority free for 14-days. We would be happy to show you how MapAuthority is different from any other MAP enforcement tool you've tried in the past.

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