MAP enforcement isn't just for brands and manufacturers. Learn about the positive impact it can have on retailers, too.

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"Selling on Amazon is much better when everyone is playing by the rules"

Ryan Hadley, Marketing Director at Lynpharma
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MAP enforcement benefits retailers, too.

Retailers are essential to a brand's success on Amazon. They have intimate knowledge of the Amazon marketplace and are vital when promoting and selling branded products. MAP Authority recognizes this relationship and was created with retailers top of mind.


4 Reasons Retailers Need MAP Policies to Compete Better on Amazon.

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MAP policies strengthen relationships with brands and manufacturers.

As a retailer, you know first hand it's not always easy finding a brand that will allow you to sell their products on Amazon. Brands and manufacturers value retailers most when they're supporting their objectives and strategies. By giving brands the peace of mind that you're willing to comply with their MAP pricing, you build trust and value into your relationship, making it easier for you to find premium brands to work with.

Save time and money not constantly monitoring the competition.

Repricing software can be time consuming and expensive for retailers. In addition to subscription fees and time spent adjusting price rules, the premise of repricing software is costly. You’re paying for a service to increase sales but decrease margin. With MAP Authority, you'll never have to spend time or money worrying about your competition.

MAP enforcement increases net margins.

A higher sales price ultimately increases a product's net margin. As an Amazon retailer, you know how expensive FBA, referral, and storage fees can be to a tight margin. With MAP Authority, every retailer under a brand is complying with their MAP pricing, allowing margins to increase and sales to be distributed more evenly across retailers.

MAP enforcement creates a level playing field.

When a brand uses MAP Authority, every one of their retailers is complying with their MAP policy, not just a select few. This gives every retailer the same opportunity on each ASIN, eliminating pricing wars and the race to the bottom. Retailers can now focus on selling and their service instead of worrying about repricing.

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