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Price Monitoring


If any seller lists one of your products below your MAP price, our MAP monitoring tool allows you to track the details of the violation by ASIN and retailer.

MAP Enforcement


While MAP monitoring simply informs you of MAP pricing violations, our MAP enforcement tool makes it impossible for sellers to even list below your MAP price.

MAP enforcement
is a challenge for brands.

MAP enforcement can be a daunting task for brands on Amazon. A significant amount of time and effort is spent price monitoring, contacting retailers violating your MAP pricing, and fielding calls from upset channel partners about your discounted Amazon prices. All the while, you can’t escape the pressure of knowing your brand’s identity is on the line.

Channel Conflict

The majority of MAP pricing problems stem from listing prices on Amazon. If your Amazon price is different than other e-commerce platforms, it's likely causing conflict with these channel's third-party sellers and their retail brand managers.

Brand Erosion

A MAP policy is only effective when it's enforced, and your brand's identity is at stake when your products are being sold below your minimum advertised price. Without proper MAP enforcement, this will lead to brand erosion over time.

Time Consuming

Constantly monitoring your MAP pricing is a tedious and time intensive task, and patrolling the web and contacting retailers isn’t always the most efficient use of your time.

"Our brand has been searching for a definitive solution to MAP enforcement like this for years".

Jenna Sellers Miller, President at Architec
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The current
enforcement options only offer MAP monitoring.

Amazon brand protection and MAP enforcement have been issues on Amazon since the beginning. The only current solution is to send out compliance notifications which don't address the underlying problem. These MAP pricing notifications only create more time-consuming work for your brand by asking you to rectify the MAP violations yourself.

Competitor Notifications
Hooray! End of notifications.
Infiniti Mugs just listed this item below your MAP. Okay our "work" here is done.
Just now
CloudRun Athletes just listed this item below your MAP. Good luck getting them to change their price!
20 minutes ago
Elemeno Footwear just listed this item below your MAP. Contacting them on the weekend sounds like a mess lol.
3 hours ago
GymFeet just listed this item below your MAP. Now it's up to you to actually enforce the price. You're welcome for just sending a notification and doing nothing.
Yesterday at 12:09 AM
Outdoor Ready just listed this item below your supposed MAP. Okay our work here is done. Good luck!
2 days ago

So, we added automatic MAP enforcement too.

MapAuthority make it’s physically impossible for your third-party sellers to violate your MAP policy on Amazon. If a seller attempts to lower a product's price below your MAP policy, MapAuthority will automatically deny the request, and the violating price will never make it to the Amazon detail page. It is the ultimate Amazon MAP enforcement tool on the market today. Many of our users call it magic. We just call it proper MAP enforcement.

Sync your brand's MAP prices to your retailers.
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MAP Authority enforces prices below your MAP like magic.
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Why MAP Authority?

We're the only tool that can actually enforce your MAP pricing on Amazon.

Other MAP enforcement tools take a reactive approach to MAP pricing violations. We take a proactive approach which ensures your Amazon products are never listed below your minimum advertised price in the first place.

Our platform saves you time by requiring no extra work after setup.

Other MAP enforcement tools require your team to follow up with MAP policy violators, creating a never ending amount of work that still won't guarantee MAP pricing compliance. With our platform, you can set it and forget it until you want to change your MAP pricing again.

Profit margins tend to be higher when MAP pricing is actually enforced.

Brands aren't the only ones benefiting from MAP Authority. Retailer margins will improve and sales will become more predictable. MAP Authority creates a level playing field appreciated by everyone involved.

MAP monitoring is included with our enforcement packages.

We are proud to offer both MAP monitoring and MAP enforcement, often at a fraction of the cost many are paying for monitoring-only features. Why pay $250+ for monitoring when you can utilize MAP enforcement and monitoring for less money?

Start your 30-day free trial.

What do you have to lose? Besides MAP pricing violations.

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