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I do not sell products through Amazon retailers, will this help still help?

If you don’t sell your products to Amazon retailers but are still seeing your products on the Amazon marketplace, MAP Authority can help. Somehow retailers are obtaining your products and selling them on Amazon. In some instances, this may be considered “retail arbitrage” where your products are being purchased on sale at a retail level and listed on Amazon. Over the years, there has also been an influx of third-party sellers listing goods acquired from liquidation firms. These firms purchase and resell returned and damaged inventory from major retailers. Regardless of how retailers are obtaining your products, it is a problem for your brand image. We have an extensive database of third-party Amazon sellers that includes legal business name and contact information. If you don’t recognize retailers on your Amazon detail pages, contact us. We can help identify these businesses so that you can invite them to MAP Authority and regain control over your pricing on Amazon.

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